Security as a Service (SaaS) Model?

For clients who have limit capital expense budgets, we’ve created a suite of services to help clients meet the challenge of limited budget and need to maximum security solution benefit. With services in log management, threat management, file integrity management, vulnerability management, wireless devices security management and 24/7 monitoring, we’ve effectively resolved eight of the most challenging Payment Card Industry (PCI) requirements.

Instead of spending several hundred thousand dollars and even more in additional personnel, and equipment rack space among other things to launch these products yourself, why not consider our SaaS model where for just a few thousand dollars per month, you get the benefits of a latest technology, reduced work for your personnel, and greatly improved security operations server.

In traditional outsourcing models, the customer gives up visibility and control to their inner operations. Not in our model! You can have as much access, full control, and visibility to everything that our Security Operations Center sees. We’ll just handle it around the clock!

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