IT Disciplines of an Identity & Access Management Expert

The field of identity and access management is considered a small, specialized niche in the world of IT. Some would speculate that this is because of the very complex nature of the applications we deploy to an enterprise. Although that may be true, it goes far beyond just the complexity of the specific applications we work with. A true identity and access management expert must be very knowledgeable over many IT disciplines. This is due to the products we architect and implement being entire solutions, as opposed to singular purposed applications. Let me provide some examples of the typical IT disciplines covered during a deployment:

Gathering enterprise requirements:  The expert must be well versed in enterprise architecture, security, networking, hardware, and multiple operating systems. This is crucial as they will propose the best suite of products based upon the clients requirements and the current state of the enterprise architecture. The expert must consider things as simple as who the primary user base is, to more complex questions such as what hardware will be required based on expected application load. This phase will determine both the tempo of the project as well as its success. Lest we forget the expert must also play the role of a project manager, technical writer and business analyst. Any well-rounded expert can explain identity and access management plans and concepts to the client in simple, no nonsense terms, but also deliver highly technical documents to the various IT departments in which the project will affect. In addition, a precise project plan needs to be delivered to the client to stay on task and on budget.

Development & Logical Deployment Plan: The bread and butter of the project so to speak. Here is where the expert and his/her team put the plan into action. A development environment is built based on the clients specifications and the expert’s plan. A myriad of IT disciplines are covered, all of which must be completely understood to achieve success. Databases must be installed and configured. The applications must be installed, configured to spec, and networked properly. Web servers must be installed, configured, and secured. LDAP stores must be setup and configured, and adapters often customized to meet the clients requirements. In addition, there is often custom development required, so the expert must be versed in languages such as Java or C#.

Implementing the Solution to the Client: Often a stressful time for the client, here is where the expert truly shines. The plan has been tested and vetted, and is to be rolled out into production. Due to the time sensitive nature of a production rollout, the expert must be extremely flexible and able to pull all the necessary resources together to deliver. A precise rollout plan has been established, and if any trouble arises, the expert must be able to adapt immediately to address all issues and risks. Here is where the personal nature of the expert comes into play. They must be agile, calm, and confident. Confidence which comes from experience.

The identity and access management experts at Pathmaker Group have decades of experience across a vast array of IT disciplines. Contact us to see how we can deliver a solution to your business in an effective, cost efficient manner.

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