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Tivoli Directory Integrator – Before Initialize – Add Date to File Name

I wrote a different TDI blog discussing the Before Initialize Hook.  That blog discussed setting the filter in an Iterator.  Here is another use for the Before Initialize Hook, this time in a File System Connector.  As I mentioned in prior PathMaker Group blogs Tivoli Directory Integrator (TDI) is a pretty neat tool that comes […]

ITIM Provisioning Policy Priority

A provisioning policy in ITIM (IBM Tivoli Identity Manager) basically grants access and set entitlements to the ITIM managed services based on the provisioning policy membership. Each provisioning policy consists of information and settings on the following tabs: General Members Entitlements Of course, there are factors to consider: Role Memberships, service selection policies and policy join […]

Using IBM Tivoli Identity Manager to recertify Active Directory Groups

Its audit time and you’re responsible for recertifying approximately 75 Active Directory Groups and each group has a membership of about 10 to 30 people.  An email needs to be sent to every manager for them to confirm the person still needs to be a member of the group.  You have to provide information to […]

Using IBM Tivoli Identity Manager to Aggregate Email Notifications

We all struggle with our electronic mailboxes. For every email we receive, there is some portion of our day devoted to opening and processing these emails. There is also serious time spent just deleting unwanted emails. Take this example. A manager has a number of contractors that she has reporting to her, let’s say about […]

Using IBM Tivoli Identity Manager to Synchronize HR changes to Active Directory

Imagine this scenario. An employee gets married and her last name changes. Human Resources receives the required documentation and updates the employee’s last name. Now that the W2 has been changed, how long will it take this change to get propagated to the email system? How many people will be involved? How many phones calls […]