PCI Updates

I thought i would take a few minutes to wish everyone happy holidays and a very prosperous 2011. I also noticed that I hadn’t blogged in a while so I thought I do a little of that…

This blog provides a few updates and observations related to the following:

  • PCI DSS v1.2.1 to PCI DSS v2.0 transition – very well defined, except for the cut-over date. The bottom line is that the PCI SSC is encouraging all merchants and service providers to convert as soon as possible, but at the same time saying everyone has until New Years Eve 2011 (one year).
  • PCI DSS and PA-DSS v2.0 Scoring Templates – QSAs can’t plan their projects without the new Scoring Templates. This will stall migrations.
  • Sampling And ASV Scanning Do Not Mix – this wasn’t a like a free lunch but some still manage to screw it up…
  • PCI DSS Timeline Clarification Read more