Security and Identity Management Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

Do you work in the medical or healthcare industry? Is your company in need of security or identity management solutions? If so, here are some of the key ways in which PathMaker Group can provide value in this field.

Enterprise Single Sign-on Doctors and nurses have a lot of passwords to manage as well as using shared workstations creating potential issues around people sharing a user ID to an account and people leaving an application or patient information open on a shared workstation. With ESSO, PathMaker Group can give the users a secure way to store all their passwords and automating the login and logoff process.

  • ESSO can be paired with an RFID badge – a quick tap of the badge can log a user on or off from the workstation, saving the time of entering the user ID and password over and over again as they switch between machines all day. A proximity sensor can be added to workstations to automatically lock them when a user forgets to tap out as they walk away from the machine.
  • Shared Workstation Management – Shared machines can be configured to be locked when an ESSO user leaves the workstation. When the next user comes in, any apps left open by the prior user can be gracefully closed to prevent the new user from having patient access under the prior user’s account.
  • Context Management ESSO can further streamline the process of accessing patient records across multiple applications. Tools, such as CareFX Fusion Context Management, provide the ability to script the sharing of patient identification across applications, removing the need for constant searches and patient lookups.

Access Control for Electronic Medical Records  The mandate to have all medical records converted to digital format by 2014 has increased the need for proper access controls for those records. These controls need to be able to handle not just centralized applications and portals but also the abundance of mobile devices that are becoming common place in today’s ambulatory and acute facilities. The team at PathMaker Group is expert in devising access management strategies and implementing successful solutions that can be effective across multiple platforms and technologies.

Provisioning into Epic, McKesson and other systems – The centralized creation and management of users in the critical back-end systems is a common problem. A provisioning system can provide effective management of different user types across multiple systems and locations.

HIPAA Compliance – Recent changes and additions to the landmark 1996 HIPAA legislation have created opportunities for the medical community to improve their management of sensitive information. One of the requirements of both the
HIPAA and HITECH acts is a risk assessment. Risk assessments cover a broad spectrum of areas from physical security to logical protection of medical records. PathMaker Group has provided risk assessments to both large and small medical providers. These assessments have helped identify gaps in coverage that could lead to patient data exposure.

PCI Compliance – The medical community often overlooks the requirements set forth by the Payment Card Industry (PCI) even though many accept credit cards as a form of payment both for medical treatment and in their gift stores. PCI has developed a well throughout plan for providing security for credit card information that is easily applied to other sensitive information such as health records. As a qualified PCI company, PathMaker Group has helped hospitals and other medical providers meet these challenging requirements.

Malware and Forensic Analysis – Even the best prepared environments can fall victim to today’s sophisticated malware. PathMaker Group has helped identify and remediate malware exposures as well as providing rapid incident response for
active infections. As a State Licensed Private Investigations firm PathMaker Group has provided digital Forensic Analysis after an event. Forensic analysis can provide evidence of data loss or loss prevention that can limit potential disclosure liability when health records have been placed at risk.

Let us know how we can help you streamline, automate and protect the vital systems and medical information in today’s medical workplace. Call us today at 817-704-3644!

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