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Business Without Limits!

Pathaker Group is an IBM Premier Partner with the sales and technical certifications required to sell and implement an ever expanding array of best in class security solutions from IBM. Be sure to put Pulse 2012 on your calendar and stop by the Solution Expo and visit our booth. Business partners and customers will learn how IBM is shaping the IT Security Landscape with newly acquired technologies and integrated solutions to meet the growing challenges that we face.

Check out some info from IBM about Pulse!

Pulse 2012 returns to the MGM Grand in Las Vegas March 4-7, 2012 and we invite you to take part in the action! Experience first-hand how organizations in every industry are using Visibility Control Automation to improve the economics of their business infrastructures and speed the delivery of innovative products and services.

With over 7,000 attendees including industry-renowned speakers, Pulse 2012 is your ticket to hundreds of technology leadership sessions, industry-focused breakouts, and technical skill-building workshops. At this year’s conference you’ll have an opportunity to network with colleagues, participate in hands-on labs, and attend our largest-ever Solution Expo. Don’t miss this significant event!

The Pulse conference is now accepting session submissions! Visit the IBM Speakers page for the timeline, benefits and guidelines, or to answer the Call for Speakers today!” (IBM)

A Diverse Curriculum

With four days of top-notch education, Pulse 2012 will help you react with agility in changing competitive landscapes, reduce vulnerability throughout the service lifecycle, and continuously improve the business impact of the technology. Pulse 2012 will address a multitude of audiences and industries with sessions that demonstrate how to apply the tools and best practices to help your organization achieve business without limits through:

  • Transitioning to smarter, more flexible delivery models such as cloud
  • Converging digital and physical infrastructures to improve economics and speed service delivery
  • Managing rapid growth in data, security threats and compliance requirements
  • Leveraging mobile, web and instrumented endpoints

Whatever your role, industry or technology needs, you will find the information you need at Pulse 2012.” (IBM)

Secure by Design

At PathMaker Group we believe that “security is intrinsic to your business processes, development and daily operations. It should be factored into the initial design of any IT or critical infrastructure solution, not bolted on after the fact. This concept which IBM calls Secure by Design means that cost-effective security begins with the creation of secure systems from the start. When you build security into the overall design of a system whether it is an employee on boarding process or a cloud delivery model it allows you to create an agile environment that will embrace changes within the security landscape.

There are four elements which support a secure design:

  • Understanding of the design point for security
  • Knowledge of the threats in the solution’s operating environment
  • Utilization of enabling technologies that provide or enforce secure behaviors
  • Ongoing validation of the secure design

This preemptive approach of IBM Security Solutions can allow you to securely, safely, and confidently adopt new forms of technology. Cloud computing, virtualization, smart grids, business models like tele-working and outsourcing, can be more safely leveraged for cost benefit, innovation and shorter time to market.” (IBM)

PathMaker Group will guide you through the Security and Identity Management jungle and help you select and implement the right solutions to address your security challenges for 2012 and beyond. We look forward to seeing you at PULSE 2012 in Las Vegas! If you are currently in need of security or identity management solutions, please give us a call at 817-704-3644.

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