Prioritize Your Cyber Security Risks.

Pathmaker Group specializes in reporting and guidance to help you achieve Identity Access Management best practice. We will identify your gaps, show you how to close them and where to focus your priorities.

Identity Access Management


Pathmaker Group Identity Access Management Maturity Advisory Program provides a comprehensive orientation to all the ways your company can improve its Identity and Access Management program.  It is entirely focused on your people, processes, environment and technologies supporting Identity and Access Management.  Our IAM experts will review the Eight Levers of IAM Maturity, supported by a unique online performance benchmarking tool.  All of your Identity Access Management questions and concerns will be addressed with guidance on how to close security gaps and in what order.

At a strategic level, we’ll identify gaps and prioritize maturity improvement actions. At a tactical level, we’ll look at the most immediate actions to drive short term improvements in the next three to six months.  Learn more about your company’s security posture here.

Pathmaker Group’s unique IAM MAP measures 80 critical data points to identify gaps against industry best practice.

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Identity Access Managment

Security Posture

  • Knowing where you stand today compared to others confirms your assumptions about how well you are positioned and what you can do to advance your case.

Specifics in Planning

  • Specific benchmark measures with a modeled future provides the foundation and rationale for moving one or more of the 8 Levers forward.

Positioning toward Maturity

  • Knowing the 80 most important measures for IAM Maturity gives ample room for growth and improvement for your IAM program.


Your Advisory

Your advisory begins with an in-depth knowledge sharing session about the eight tiers of IAM maturity, providing strategic risk management context for your business. This foundation enables you to extract greater value from the assessment, and embeds IAM maturity knowledge into the process going forward.

Next we will analyze your IAM Maturity benchmark. Your benchmark advisory indicates strengths and gaps relative to your industry peer group. Eight identity access management tiers and 80 risk measurements rank your firm from inadequate to best practice. The questions are answered by you, but under our expert guidance and moderation. You and your team will have a common and thorough understanding of the strengths and weaknesses in your IAM program.

What’s Possible and How To Get There

Armed with a comprehensive understanding of your objectives, current state and gaps; we outline a maturity plan for your key risk objectives.

We will factor in all of the outputs from the process so far and plan the most important next steps. We will offer guidance and recommendations on how moving forward with the next priorities can be achieved with synergy and maximum impact to your overall IAM maturity.

At a strategic level, we will identify gaps and prioritize maturity improvement actions. At a tactical level, we’ll look at the most immediate actions to drive short term improvements in the next three to six months.

Post Assessment

Taking Action

Within a week, we produce a summary presentation of our recommendations and provide you with any additional materials, tools or templates we think will be helpful to you.

You’ll also receive an implementation plan which prioritizes the sequence of events, in priority order, at a detailed level. You’ll retain access to the online benchmark so you can remodel the value of your IAM program at any time and as often as you like.

Our clients use this as their scorecard and progressively push maturity up by increasing their score across the 8 Levers and 80 Measures.

PathMaker Group is a specialized Security and Identity Management Consultancy, blending core technical and product expertise, consultative know-how, and extensive implementation experience.

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