How Can Hospitals and Medical Practices Meet the Requirements for “Meaningful Use” of Certified EHR Technology?

Advanced electronic health record (EHR) technology provides secure and accurate storage of patients medical records and health information that helps physicians offer complete medical care to their patients. Because of the added security that this technology offers, Medicare and Medicaid have implemented financial incentive programs for hospitals and medical practices for the meaningful use of EHR. Here are some guidelines for the parameters of meaningful use:

  • Meaningful users: EHR incentive regulations state that the only members to have access to the technology are those who will use it for the purpose of patient safety and efficient medical care.
  • Exchange of information: EHR technology allows medical offices to transfer information quickly and easily for the benefit of quality healthcare. Electronic information may be exchanged between doctors or used for e-prescriptions to ensure the safe distribution of medications.
  • Yearly demonstration of use: Successful demonstration of meaningful use by trained and qualified medical professionals is necessary in the first year of using EHR technology. These uses include prescription transfers, use of medical records in patient care, and accurate implementation of security features. Read more