Have you had your Security Wellness Check?…

So you think your organization is secure . . . think again! IBM X-Force 2013 mid-year report says that many of the breaches recently reported were a result of “poorly applied security fundamentals and policies and could have been mitigated by putting some basic security hygiene into practice.” Covering the basics is exactly what we help companies achieve through our “SecurePath” 16 domain rapid security assessment. In one week we can review your security posture, cover all your bases and help you prioritize the big security gaps in your environment.

Gartner Identity and Access Management Summit

How Can a Company Guarantee a Successful, Strategic Identity Access Management Program?

The Gartner Identity and Access Management Summit is right around the corner and leaders from all over the world will be coming to try to get this question answered.  Here are a few ideas from our ten years in the industry.

Strategic Identity and Access Management (“IAM”) projects can be difficult and the new challenges with mobile, social, and cloud compound the problem.  Protecting the perimeter is not enough anymore.  Safeguarding identities are the key to a truly secure enterprise.

The industry has seen way too many train wrecks with IAM.  To get beyond basic capabilities and really use IAM systems as a foundation for strategic IT, a company MUST take the time up front to consider the long-term plan.  Near-term, immediate priorities can be solved with client-based single sign-on, basic provisioning, simple roles and audit reports.  But with a short-term (and maybe short sighted) plan, a company can just as easily limit their ability to solve more complex problems.

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