Application Security Webinar

 Presented By:

  • Tony Vera, Senior Certified Security Specialist at IBM.
  • Ryker Exum, Information Security Consultant at PathMaker Group
  • Jason Bellomy, Manager of North American Sales for IBM’s Application Security Segment

In this 50 minute webinar you will:

  • Learn about the top security vulnerabilities that have yet to be addressed
  • See common live hacking scenarios
  • Hear about the current trends in mobile app security
  • Learn how to get a free security assessment for your company

About the key presenter, Tony Vera:

Tony is a Senior Certified Security Specialist at IBM. Since joining IBM in 1995 Mr. Vera has worked as a technical professional, with a wide range of clients in all aspects of the software engineering lifecycle. This work requires skills in the areas of product technical competencies, training, project management, contemporary software engineering technologies, and most recently, application security.

About Ryker Exum:

Ryker is an information security consultant with the Dallas, Texas based consulting firm PathMaker Group. He received his MBA and a graduate certificate from the NSA accredited, University of Dallas Information Assurance program. He holds several professional security certifications including CISSP, OSWP, CEH, and SSCP.

About Jason Bellomy:

Jason manages North American Sales for IBM’s Application Security segment. For 3.5 years he has led the Application Security Sales Team and helped integrate two IBM acquisitions, Watchfire and Ounce Labs, that make up the current IBM Application Security Portfolio.