User Self Service Registration Demonstration

This demo video walks through the steps of user self-service registration, a workflow approval for account creation, and the advanced security registration (including OTP) process.

The following systems are used during this demonstration:

OAAM: Oracle Adaptive Access Manager – Advanced authentication and fraud prevention

OAM: Oracle Access Manager – Single Sign-On, authentication services, and web services security

OIM: Oracle Identity Manager – Role based provisioning, user self-service, complex workflow, and permissions attestation

OVD: Oracle Virtual Directory – User source consolidation, data transformation, and DSML gateway

OID: Oracle Internet Directory – LDAP V3 repository, highly scaleable, and user record storage Read more

Knock Knock. Who’s there? Ivanna. Ivanna who? Ivanna steal your data!

I recently read a story about a vulnerability that was discovered in electronic door looks commonly used in hotels.  The problem centers around a particular popular model of hotel door lock sold to hotels globally. Hackers claim to have discovered that the company left a security port uncovered that allows them to open any of the locks with a universal key of sorts.  The article goes on to say that until this flaw has been fixed it’s more important than ever to make sure to go the extra step of securing your door with the deadbolt and chain.

A lot of people will trust that the basic security of their software/operating system/network (the electronic door lock) is good enough.  They won’t bother adding additional security (the deadbolt/chain) and will end up getting their data hacked in the same way that some hotel guests are going to wake up to find their room cleaned of valuables way better than the maid removes dust and dirt.

Thieves are counting on people to trust standard security and not do their own due diligence to identify vulnerabilities or provide additional security to deal with these deficiencies.  While the average person has no way to determine if the hotel door lock is secure, they can at least provide another layer of security to prevent a breach and loss of property.

Fortunately for you, Pathmaker Group can review your security system and find vulnerabilities and patch them up before data thieves strike.   They can also provide additional layers of identity and access management to secure application access and prevent unauthorized access, even from those already on the inside.  So don’t delay, you never know who’s knocking on the door…