Querying Oracle IAM requests

When a request gets created in IAM to create a user of some sort, workflows can be set up to ensure approval from various actors depending on the business needs. In this situation, sometimes there is a need to review the requests that have been created, outside of the IAM interface. For this purpose, IAM provides API’s that help in querying existing requests.

OIM workflow API does not function properly with the other provisioning API’s and thus it is important to ensure that request processing is done in a separate application. This situation creates challenges in design and forces decoupling of workflow operations from other system operations.

In the following sections, we will concentrate on connection, configuration and querying the OIM workflow engine to prod the existing requests.

Connecting to OIM Service

When writing a web application, specially using SSO infrastructure, it is important to connect as an admin to the web service, and then identify the user who will perform the operation.

First, remote client configuration is set up for workflow services.

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7 Minutes of Terror

Last month we witnessed an amazing feat of science & engineering with the landing of NASA’s Curiosity Rover on Mars. Before this could be accomplished years of preparation through innovation, design & testing had to occur. It all culminated towards what the NASA scientists and engineers at JPL call “the 7 minutes of terror” – the 7 minutes between when Curiosity entered the Mars atmosphere and when it was expected to land. Of course we know now that it was a fantastic success – but what made it so? How does an organization accomplish such a fantastic undertaking?

Well it got us here at PMG thinking; what is it that we do together with our clients that makes projects a success? We know we’re not rocket scientists, but it’s still fun to day dream & draw some interesting connections between the Curiosity mission and our own business and philosophies.  Read more