Federation is no longer an option

In the past six months we’ve had more conversations with prospects and clients about Federation than in the prior six years.The technology is being widely adopted and is no longer a barrier. What is becoming a barrier is managing the multitude of user ids and passwords required to perform someone’s daily job duties. Or more commonly all these ids or multiple logins may be the reason a customer chooses a competitor to transact business with. Strategic business direction almost mandates that a move to a seemless customer logon experience is no longer an option. It will start costing companies significant business (if it hasn’t already).

It’s becoming clear, based on our conversations with clients, that a federated identity management model is moving up the priority list for IT management. And it’s being driven from the business side. If you’re in IT security or infrastructure, are you educated and ready to help move your company forward? Read more

Security as a Service (SaaS) Model?

For clients who have limit capital expense budgets, we’ve created a suite of services to help clients meet the challenge of limited budget and need to maximum security solution benefit. With services in log management, threat management, file integrity management, vulnerability management, wireless devices security management and 24/7 monitoring, we’ve effectively resolved eight of the most challenging Payment Card Industry (PCI) requirements.

Instead of spending several hundred thousand dollars and even more in additional personnel, and equipment rack space among other things to launch these products yourself, why not consider our SaaS model where for just a few thousand dollars per month, you get the benefits of a latest technology, reduced work for your personnel, and greatly improved security operations server.

In traditional outsourcing models, the customer gives up visibility and control to their inner operations. Not in our model! You can have as much access, full control, and visibility to everything that our Security Operations Center sees. We’ll just handle it around the clock!

Welcome to PathMaker Group (new people, new services, new website, new blog)

In addition to some new faces joining PathMaker Group, we’ve added a number of exciting services to our company that complement our already-stellar reputation in Identity Management solutions and service. And, we’ve already added these fully-functional services into our marketing materials and website. We’ve also embraced social media in a big way by adding this neat blog, PathMaker Group TV (youtube), a Twitter page, as well as Linkedin, and Facebook pages. The links to these are all available on our website. In addition to blogging about relevant and fun topics, we envision posting our presentations, demos, and videos online to continue to evangelize Information Security and share with you our successes as well as some info about what works and what doesn’t.

As many of you already know, or experience first-hand as customers, PathMaker Group is well known for its quality and commitment to excellence that has been instrumental in many hugely successful identity management solution implementations. Now this is a tough act to follow!

First, I’m privileged to be part of this outstanding organization. The company, its leadership, its employees are all a truly pleasure to work with and I want to learn from them and incorporate their great ideas into the services and methods that we’ll develop. Read more

Kneber botnet – update

Last month, our trusted partner, NetWitness, discovered the Kneber botnet, a dangerous new ZeuS botnet that infected over 75,000 systems in 2,500 organizations around the world. The full story is in the link below.


And, we just received more follow-on information from an RSA report that shows most major U.S. corporations (up to 88 percent of the Fortune 500 companies) are likely affected by botnet activity from computers compromised by the Zeus data-stealing Trojan, according to the study released last Wednesday, 14-April-2010. For more information on this report, please see the link below.


PathMaker Group offers a complete lineup of services and solutions in response to this serious issue. We can assess your network, determine if your systems are infected by Kneber/Zeus, and help you take the appropriate steps to remove it and prevent it from coming back. Call us immediately if you feel like your business is experiencing malware or worm attacks.

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